Armenia will manufacture new army weapons. The solutions were shown in Stepanakert

The army and Ministry of Hi-Tech Industries of Armenia will decide which weapons should be manufactured, and the Union of Defence Enterprises will carry out these decisions.


Yerevan, 8 September 2019 — Sputnik, Aram Gareguinyan. In spring 2019 the Union of Defence Enterprises was established in Armenia. It united the enterprises, working for defence, creating optics, hardware and soft. “We can do more when united” –Mr. Arman, CEO of “Locator” company, member of the Union is sure.

For many years the companies, creating new defence technologies, were encountering a number of questions: some of them had designs but not prototypes, some even had prototypes but did not know if these projects are desired by the army. If these questions are not answered, the work requires extra material resources, and which is more important, the time is spent idly, and even a more vital issue than money for defence enterprises. 

To solve these issues in March 2019 the Ministry of Hi-Tech Industries and Defence was formed in Armenia. One of the tasks of the newly created Ministry to coordinate the questions on what equipment and its tech characteristics are required with the Ministry of Defence and the army (of course, the army specialists know that better). It means that Armenia MOD and the army will tell what is really needed and the Ministry of Hi-Tech Industries and Defence will set the goals on what should be done. The enterprises’ engineers will have to answer how to do that.

In other words, based on the army requirements, the Ministry will form the tech tasks to create different weaponry and technologies. The enterprises will have contests to get the tasks done. All these questions the Union members were discussing at the meeting with Prime-Minister of Armenia Mr. Nikol Pashinyan. 

The defence companies presented their products at the tradeshows in Yerevan, and on 2 September the companies showcased their solutions for the first time at the events dedicated to the announcement of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic in Stepanakert. 


For several years “Locator” company has been creating the automated systems for fire arms and artillery. These solutions are aimed to increase protection at forefront.

 The other companies work to create various technologies: UAVs (with bomb loading and without), optics for video-surveillance, and movement detectors. Of course there are enterprises manufacturing traditional and very important weapons.  All these products were showcased to the exhibition visitors, among which there were army specialists and the President of Karabakh, Mr. Bako Saakyan.

“We are very glad as to the cooperation established while at the exhibition. Officers and Colonels came up to us, were checking out the equipment, saying what equipment can be needed, what tasks can be achieved using it. Nothing can be more useful for our work, than this interaction. We, the Union enterprises, hope that these meetings can be regular”- Mr. Hachatryan emphasized.

In some cases, the army specialists were saying: “These functions are unnecessary, we already have such equipment”. To learn what the army really needs, helps greatly to create the very required equipment, without extra functions or sensors, minimizing the expanses.

Among the other tasks of the Union is to support the local defence industry: it is easier to manufacture and assemble the equipment on site, and what is more it is easier to service support it locally. Also, local companies create more employment and taxes.

The last but not the least is the question that solves everything, as we all know: the specialists. We often say that Armenia has lots of good engineers, meaning high-level software engineers primarily, while traditional engineers are less in fact.


The Republic lacks mechanical engineers. The young specialists avoid this sphere, as the payment is insufficient. So, the specialists are about 60 years old in majority in this sphere. The situation with electronics engineers seems a little better. 

“The knowledge and experience are very important, I may say, being the engineer. It is a gap between what engineers can do theoretically and practically” – Mr. Hachatryan underlined.

To train future specialists the Union plans to establish strong cooperation ties with the universities, including Russian ones. We will share the news on these projects in the close future.


Source: Yerevan, 8 September — Sputnik

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