Armenia official: Country's military-industrial complex operating in fully capacity

YEREVAN. – The military-industrial complex of Armenia continues to operate in fully capacity. Hakob Arshakyan, the Minister of High Technological Industry, stated this at Wednesday's press conference, recalling that according to the Office of the Commandant, this complex is one of the types of economic activity that is allowed during  the current state of emergency in the country.

According to him, Armenia's military-industrial plants continue to operate within the existing orders. "A number of agreements have been signed with the Ministry of Defense, and now we have entered an active phase of production," he said.

The minister informed that discussions will be held Wednesday with the representatives of the technology companies. "We seek to find out what problems our technology companies are facing, and what tools the state should use," Arshakyan said.

In his words, the state has opened new opportunities for companies that provide services to foreign companies, but are now idle due to the coronavirus.

"The companies that have faced certain problems related to the market situation can use the grant programs; we will announce about them in the coming days,” he added. "The professionals from companies that are now idle can participate in design and production."

According to the minister, 930 million drams are planned for the implementation of grant programs this year.

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