Competition program

The underlying concept of the National Defence and Security Contest is to select and demonstrate most advanced and promising projects, products, solutions and manufacture in the domain of security to the general public.

It is envisaged that the contest will be held within the framework of the annual international exhibition of Arms and Defence Technologies, ArmHiTec 2021, in the goal of merit recognition of organizations and enterprises that present competitive security solutions, products and manufacture and contribute a great deal to the development of the military-industrial complex of the Republic of Armenia.

Regulations, guidelines and details of the procedure of for holding the National Defence and Security Contest will be published on the ArmHiTec exhibition website after the approval of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Armenia.

Special nominations of the contest-2021


1. Communication equipment and systems, automated command and control systems.

2. Information and communication technology.

3. Ground forces armament and technical equipment.

4. Air force and unmanned aerial vehicles armament and technology.

5. Air defense forces armament and equipment.

6. Combat technologies against unmanned aerial vehicles.

7. Border security equipment and systems.

8. Reconnaissance and surveillance equipment.

9. The best training material and technical base of personnel.

10. Means of safety of live and activities of personnel.

11. Body armor, uniforms, ammunition.

12. Best design of the stand.

13. The most informative stand.

14. The best product presentation.