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1.1. Communications equipment and systems, automatic troop control systems.

1.2. Information and telecommunications technologies..

1.3. Military armored vehicles.

1.4. Tube, rocket and missile artillery weapons and technical equipment.

1.5. Military aviation.

1.6. Anti-aircraft weapons.

1.7. Armaments and border protection equipment.

1.8. Armaments and chemical, biological and radiological protection equipment.

1.9. Small fire arms and close combat equipment.

1.10     All types of ammunition for any military branch.

1.11. Unmanned aerial vehicles and complexes (drones)..

1.12. Means of technical counteraction to unmanned aerial vehicles (drones)

1.13. Robotic complexes and systems.

1.14. Optoelectronic equipment and systems

1.15. Means of counteracting technical reconnaissance equipment.

1.16. Special transport vehicles.

1.17.    Equipment of engineering troops, road and lifting equipment and mechanisms.

1.18.   Means of video surveillance, surveillance and targeting.

1.19.     Means and systems of communication.

1.20. Means of radio intelligence, electronic warfare and radio interference.

1.21. Search and inspection equipment. Means of mine clearance.


2.1. Means of individual and collective protection.

2.2. Equipment, and special accessories for military personnel.

2.3. Uniforms, knitwear, shoes of military personnel.

2.4. Means of individual and collective disguise.

2.5. Means of life support in combat conditions and in places of deployment of troops.

2.6. Food supply of the Armed Forces in the area of deployment and units of personnel in field conditions.

2.7. Technical means of training and ensuring combat training of military personnel, training ammunition.

2.8. Field range equipment, simulators, training devices.

2.9. Medical support for military personnel, hospitals, equipment and medical instruments.

2.10. Emergency medicine in the field, individual medical kits.

2.11. Psychological assistance and rehabilitation centers for military personnel.

2.12. Construction, overhaul, maintenance and operation of the material and technical base.

2.13. Equipment for the repair of military equipment and weapons.

2.14. Equipment and technologies for the disposal of weapons, military equipment and ammunition.

2.15. Components of military equipment, materials and technologies used in the military industry.

2.16. Prefabricated buildings: barracks, canteens, command and staff and bath and laundry complexes, medical centers, warehouses for shelter and repair of equipment, prefabricated hangars.

2.17. Autonomous field camps of the closed life support cycle.

2.18. Multipurpose mobile points and modules for special forces: for accommodation, communication points, autonomous power modules, mobile stations of water treatment and sewage treatment, mobile workshops and laboratories.

2.19. Other material and technical equipment for military personnel.

2.20.  Training of personnel in the interests of the Armed Forces and enterprises of the military-industrial complex.


3.1. Technologies of digitalization of production processes.

3.2. Technologies of digital transformation of state and municipal services.

3.3. Smart City Technologies and Integrated Systems.

3.4. Technologies and modern equipment of "Digital Medicine".

3.5. Modern engineering: scientific and research laboratories, mobile complexes, design automation systems.

3.6. Artificial intelligence and intelligent control and management systems.

3.7. Computer vision and machine learning systems.

3.8. Robotics for various purposes.

3.9. IT solutions for continuous data management and decision support, combining automated navigation, video surveillance, video analytics and communication systems.

3.10. IT complexes of automated workstations for processing, analyzing and storing data with increased security requirements.

3.11. Information systems of operational management

3.12. Cybersecurity of automated control systems.

3.13. Means of cryptographic protection.

3.14. Microsystems of information protection of objects.

3.15. Biometric security systems.

3.16. Radio electronics and instrumentation. Radio-electronic components and materials. Microelectronics.

3.17. Laser technologies.

3.18. Satellite technologies for remote sensing of the Earth.

3.19. Geoinformation software systems for collecting, storing, analyzing and graphically visualizing all types of spatial data.

3.20. Intelligent energy, hydrogen energy, micro-power sources, battery, electric generator technologies.