Live demonstration of MiG-29 jets took place on Russian military air base in Armenia

Live demonstration of modern weapons and military equipment of air staff took place this Saturday on Russian military air base in “ Erebuni” airdrome in Yerevan. The event was visited by Chairman of the State Duma of Russia Mr. Sergey Naryshkin, Armenian president Mr. Serzh Sargsyan, Minister of Defense of Armenia Mr. Seyran Oganyan and Secretary-General of CSTO Mr. Nikolay Bordyuzha and other high-ranking officials.


Air base deputy commander, lieutenant-colonel Mr. Oleg Gritsaenko, reported that Turkish airdrome is situated on the other side of the frontier and it often happens that Russian military jets on the ground have to be put on a “final alert” stage.

“Jets from the other side often fly too close to the border line. There is only 14 km separating us from that line and it causes some limitations on flight control in this area. This is the special flying conditions regime” – he added. He also noted that there was only one flyout, when military actions started in Syria.

During live demonstrations, everyone was fascinated by master skills of air base commander Mr. Alexander Petrov (former head of “Strizhi” group from Moscow region town of Kubinka). He demonstrated several unbelievable aerobatic maneuvers on a very low altitude.

“You have encouraged us all” – Mr. Naryshkin saluted the airbase commander when he left the MiG cabin followed by guests’ applause.

Mr, Naryshkin also asked about Mr. Petrov’s impressions after the flight. “They say, pilot lives with the flights, so I am more alive now” – commander said smiling.


In his turn, Mr. Petrov handled a souvenir photo from Russian military base headquarters to high-ranked guests depicting the take-off of MiG jet with Ararat Mountain in the background.  

Armenian president also asked pilot about something, apparently, related with air fight tactics. At list that is what Mr.Petrov told us. He also market that the goal of a pilot is to strike target on a distance as far from the air base as possible. If in this case the missile does not strike the enemy jet, pilot proceeds with close combat engagement. “We know that competition is high, we monitor the flights of pilots from other states and when we see something good and useful for us, we learn it” – airbase commander said.    

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A few more pictures from the “Erebuni” airbase with beautiful Ararat Mountain and wonderful MiG jets. 

Russian military airbase in Erebuni operates in permanent readiness state and masters the skills of pilots on a regular basis. March weather in Armenia is very unstable and unfortunately, that day was not an exception, it rained several times. That is why guests were unable to see the Ararat Mountain in its complete beauty, but we have such an opportunity.   

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