Reception at the administrative complex of the ministry of defence

On February 22nd, the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Armenia Seyran Ohanyan received the head of the OSCE office in Yerevan, Ambassador Andrey Sorokin to commemorate the end of his tenure in Yerevan.


During the meeting, questions concerning cooperation between Armenia's defence administration and the OSCE Yerevan office. Seyran Ohanyan values Ambassador Soronik's contribution to the broadening of said cooperation, as well as the works being carried out under OSCE sponsorship concerning human rights, and works being carried at the Armenian Center for Humanitarian Demining and Expertise to improve institutional capabilities and professional skills.

Thanking the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Armenia for fruitful cooperation, Ambassador Sorokin noted that the cooperation between the OSCE Yerevan office and the RA Ministry of Defence remains at a high level, and can yet reach new levels of cooperation.

At the end of the meeting, the Minister of Defence wished Andrey Sorokin the best in both his professional and personal endeavors.

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