Armenia is to join “Defense Systems”


The president of Russia, Mr. Vladimir Putin, has supported the idea of the government to initiate dialog with Armenia in order to let this country join the transnational financial industrial group “Defense Systems” which was established by Belarus and Russia.  

The corresponding decree was displayed on the official internet portal of legal footer on Wednesday: 

“Accept the suggestion of the government of Russia to initiate talks with Armenian government concerning its integration into the Treaty of Transnational Financial Industrial Group “Defense Systems” establishment set between Russian and Belorussian government”, - as per the document text. 

Open information sources report that JSC “Defense Systems” was established in 1996 led by the group of Advance Development Laboratories, Scientific-research institutes and quantity production plants – developers and manufacturers of Air Defense systems. The cognominal Russian-Belorussian transnational financial industrial group established on the basis of JSC operates in its parallel.  


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