International military cooperation

261.jpgNATO-Armenian relations play important role for Armenian Republic security system maintenance because Armenia chose the European integration way and NATO is the key security keeper in Europe. As a result, military and political relations with NATO are developing alongside with integration process. Natural and unforced manner of these relations creates the prosperous basis for honest and effective cooperation of the parties.

Armenia is interested in constant development of cooperation with NATO. Implementation of European experience in modernization of Military Forces of Republic and creation of interaction mechanisms with NATO departments and its member-states which will allow cooperating with Alliance on the highest level are the key goals of NATO-Armenian cooperation.   

Cooperation with NATO also goes within “Partnership for peace” (PfP) program and interacts with Individual Partnership Action Plan (IPAP). According to estimated documents of IPAP, Armenia keep progressing in IPAP goals achievement in defense and military field in general.

Cooperation with OSCE.

Political government of Republic sees Armenian membership in OSCE as an important component of regional security and stability. Moreover, peaceful resolution of a vital for Armenia conflict is going within Minsk group of OSCE which makes relations between Armenia and OSCE so important for Republic.

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