Yerevan is making arrangements to step up the Russian arms shipments.

‘Yerevan is making arrangements to step up the Russian arms shipments’, communicated Wednesday the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Armenia Mr. Seyran Ohanyan.

‘I would like to point out that within the framework of the bilateral military-technical cooperation with the Russian Federation the relevant measures and necessary steps have been taken as well as respective arrangements are being made to step up the Russian arms shipments’, told journalists the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Armenia Mr.Seyran Ohanyan anter a closed meeting with the representatives of the National Assembly.

On April 15,2016 the government of Armenia approved a draft resolution on the implementation of provisions of the agreement with the government of the Russian Federation on the extension of the 200 mil.dollar government export loan to cover the expenses for the acquisition of armament and military equipment. The agreement on the extension of the export loan was signed by Armenia and Russia in 2015. The Ministry of Defence spokesperson Mr. Artsrun Hovhannisyan communicated Tuesday that the shipment of armament and equipment to Armenia by the Russian Federation within the framework of the loan agreement is already under way.

It was communicated earlier that Armenia plans to purchase MLRS Smerch multiple rocket launchers and ammunition, Igla-S anti-aircraft systems, Avtobaza ground-based  ELINT systems, Solntsepyok TOS1A heavy flamethrower systems with transloaders, Tigr multy-purpose all-terrain infantry mobility vehicles, engineer and military communication equipment.

During the meeting on April 7, 2016 in Yerevan, the prime-minister of Armenia Mr.Hovik Abrahamyan urged his Russian counterpart Mr.Dmitry Medvedev to issue insructions to Rosoboronexport JSC to step up the conclusion of the contract on the supply of weapons and military equipment to the Republic of Armenia. The loan is granted with a grace period of three years (only payment of interest) and repayment of the principal (on preferable credit terms) of ten years. 

Earlier on, Russian Vice-Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin declared that Russia supplies weapons to both Yerevan and Baku in the goal of striking the balance of interests. He also pointed out that in case Russia cuts off its arms supplies to either Armenia, or Azerbaijan, the United States or some other countries would immediately take her place.



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