European Investment Bank will grant a loan of 534 thousand Euros to the Republic of Armenia to help the country upgrade its border control posts.

default (1).jpgEuropean Investment Bank (EIB) will grant a loan of extra 534 thousand Euros to Armenia in order to help the country upgrade and reequip its border control posts. The news was communicated by Deputy Head of the State Revenue Committee, Mr. Armen Alaverdyan, at the session of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia.

Mr.Alaverdyan reminded to the parliamentarians that the basic credit  agreement in this respect Was signed in 2012. ‘We received 30 mln. Out of 38 mln. Euros, but we are in need of a back up loan programme with amount equal to 534 thousand Euros in order to upgrade and reequip the border control posts. This amount does not cover the expenses estimated for the construction of the bridge.

Because earlier it was agreed that the bridge would be constructed conjunctly by Armenia and Georgia’, said Mr. Alaverdyan.

The essential part of the 534 thousand Euro amount will be allocated for the acquisition of servers and technical equipment.

Mr.Hrant Bagratyan, the lawmaker from the Armenian National Congress (ANC) faction, enquired whether the information on the construction of the Bavri check-point by the Georgian Party was true to life.In reply,Mr.Alaverdyan remarked that he was unaware of the fact.

It should be added that the matter was discussed during the session on the  ratification of the third alteration of the financial contract between the Republic of Armenia and European Invest Bank ‘Border Crossing and Infrastructure (Upgrading and Reequipment of the Bahratashen, Bavri and Hohavan check-points in Armenia).

Source: NEWS.Am

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