National Assembly members study latest products of Armenian military industry


A group of MPs from different factions of Armenia’s National Assembly met on October 16 with Armenian Defence Minister Vigen Sargsyan and Deputy Defence Minister- State Committee for Military Industry Chairman David Pakhchanyan.


  The MPs were introduced with a number of new products manufactured by the domestic military industry, their tactical and technical characteristics and features. It was said that the use of the new products in certain directions has changed drastically the balance of forces, making the adversary's actions more controllable and predictable.


During the second part of the meeting, questions were asked to Sargsyan and Pakhchanyan. Issues and development plans of the Armenian military industry were at the heart of the meeting. The MPs conveyed their satisfaction with the format of the meeting, adding that such discussions are critical from the perspective of obtaining non-mediated information and having a full understanding of the process on national security issues, which are of vital importance to the country and should be dealt in a non-partisan manner.

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