Parliamentarian:‘Armenia is capable of entering mass production of weapons and armament’


Armenia might enter mass weapons production, communicated the Dashnaktsiutun party faction leader Mr. Armen Rustamyan.

 ‘We are capable of entering mass production of armament and weapons, whereas it is the task of the academicians to develop most advanced weapons for our country. It is their mission to protect their Motherland, remarked  Mr. Rustamyan while commenting on the statement of the Head of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, Mr. Radik Martirosyan. He sited the words of Mr. Rafael Palkanyan, who said that ‘if there is no benefit from your science for the people of Armenia, then I give up on you and your science’.

 For another thing, added Mr. Rustamyan, the weaponry that Russia is unable to supply to Armenia, could be purchased by the Armenian state from other countries’. Referring to the weapons export loan extended by the Russian Federation to Armenia, he stated that matters of technical nature are not supposed to be an obstacle for the implementation of accords. At that, he pointed out that Russia takes adequate and proper measures to support Armenia as the strategic partner of the Armenian state. ‘As far as other strategic partners are concerned, we are discontent with them’, communicated Mr.Rustamyan.

Covering the reporters’ question on the public discontent, the member of parliament remarked that ‘one should not go into extremes. ‘My point is that no one should be on the lookout of the underlying messages of the current developments. We are not telling our strategic partner Russia: “Do not sell weapons and armament to Azerbaijan”. We are saying that the arms exports should be sustained at the level that would permit to strike the balance of interests of both parties, -underscored Mr. Rustamyan. According to Mr.Rustamyan, besides Russia, Azerbaijan imports arms and military equipment from a number of other states and, hence, Russia has to take account the abovementioned situation when exporting weapons to Azerbaijan and, also as the mediator of the OSCE Minsk Group, take pains to preserve the balance of power in the region.

Sputnik Armenia New Agency

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