«ArmHiTec-2018» demonstrates direct dialog with producers

The Opening Ceremony of the Second International Exhibition of Arms and Defence Technologies "ArmHiTec-2018" will take place on 29 March, 2018 in Yerevan. Leading enterprises of security industry from Armenia and foreign states will present their production and achievements during the three-day-period of exhibition work.


Taking part in the event allows exhibitors to set a new level of recognition of their brand, draws attention of producers and consumers of security industry and provide with opportunity to present products and services to the right persons who make decisions. The key aspect of the show is that it is supported by the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Armenia. As a result, the Deputy Minister of Defence of the Republic of Armenia who serves also as the chairman of the State military-industrial committee, Mr. D.B. Pakhchanyan, will personally hold negotiations with participants of the exhibition. Representatives of the companies will have an opportunity to present their solutions and discuss issues of possible cooperation with the Ministry of Defence of Armenia. "ArmHiTec-2018" will become the platform for the presentation of innovative industry opportunities. The leading enterprises will demonstrate its' developments and technologies.

The Russian JSC "Energiya" which takes the leading positions on release and development of chemical sources of electric energy for space and naval emergency communication will show power supplies of system of lities disulfide of iron of a standard size of AA (FR6). Power supplies of this system keep working in a wide interval of temperatures (from - 40 to + 60 °C), obtain high capacity, high currents of the category, low self-discharge, big periods of storage.

JSC "PO "Elektropribor", one of the leading organizations of Russia in production and delivery of means of telecommunication and communication of a special purpose, will show the equipment of automatic classification of telephone and digital information E-11S.

JSC "FNPTS" Scientific Research Institute Prikladnoy Khimii" will present the shooting board "Legion" capable to make shooting of ammunition of traumatic, light-sound and irritant action of caliber of 18,5 mm.

The Kazakhstan company Almadk LLP which specializes is designing development and production of non-lethal action equipment, will bring the latest smoke, sound, light and alarm grenades, cartridges and shots to the exhibition.

For many producers "ArmHiTec-2018" will open new entries to the market of Armenia and more and more companies will join the exhibition, having estimated its' prospects. The event will be useful and interesting for the industry actors and it will help them to exchange experience and conclude mutually beneficial contracts, advancing the dialogue between producers and consumers.

The organizers of the event are: Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Armenia, Yerevan Plant of Mathematical Machines PLC and Exhibition Companies Group “BIZON”.

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