Second International Exhibition of Arms and Defence Technologies «ArmHiTec-2018»

The Second International Exhibition of Arms and Defence Technologies “ArmHiTec-2018" will be held in a period 29 - 31 March, 2018 at Exhibition Complex "YerevanEXPO" (Yerevan, Republic of Armenia). The exhibition is organized by the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia, Yerevan Plant of Mathematical Machines PLC and Exhibition Companies Group “BIZON”.



The first edition of ArmHiTec exhibition was held by the Ministry of Defence of Armenia in October, 2016 and performed as a high profile event on the market of military-technical solutions both for Armenia and the representatives of industrial community of other states. More than 60 manufacturers from Armenia, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan and the USA have showcased their products at the ArmHiTec exhibition. Over 100 systems and equipment samples of armament and defense were presented there.

The ArmHiTec exhibition business program became the platform for more than 40 bilateral and multilateral international business events which were visited by 500 specialists. The total number of visitors of the event was more than 5000 people

In 2018 the exhibition will be presented as a complex of congress-exposition and demonstration events held in order to showcase hi-tech, innovative developments and ready-to-use solutions in the field of modern armament, military hardware and technologies for potential buyers.

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The key exhibition profile aspects will include: battle management system: communication systems, troops automatic control systems; robotic complexes; pilotless aircraft: aerial devices and complexes, anti-drone solutions; sensors, search and examination equipment; precision weapons; laser technologies, optical-electronic equipment and systems; means of air defense; means of a communications interception, radio electronic combat; arms. 

The ArmHiTec-2018 exhibition is the most important and authoritative event in military and technological fields of Armenia. The leading developers of arms and military equipment, special technical means and security systems are welcome to join the project.

Over 80% of exhibition space is already reserved by now. 14 Russian enterprises and 5 companies from Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan and France have already secured their participation in the show.

The exposition part of the project will be supported by the vast number business program events. The international research-to-practice conference ‘The Role of 21st Century Technologies in the Modernization and Development of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia within the Framework of International Cooperation’ will perform as the key element of the event. The Second Russian-Armenian military-technical conference organized by the Ministry of Defence of Armenia and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation is on the show agenda as well.  

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The joint meeting of the Council of board of the Military-industrial commission of the Russian Federation for military-economic (technical) cooperation within the CSTO organization and representatives of relevant ministries, departments, enterprises and organizations of military industrial complex of the Republic of Armenia will be also a part of the business program. 

The inquiries for participation in business program of the event were received from 6 states: Belarus, Germany, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Tadzhikistan and Russia. 

The signing of protocols on intentions (cooperation agreements) of the enterprises of Armenia and Russia, bilateral business meetings of representatives of the Ministry of Defence of Armenia with the enterprises of military industrial complex of the countries - participants of the exhibition are planned to be the part of the business program as well. 

The exhibition is widely covered in media and internet-communities. The information and advertising campaign of the event is supported by 49 professional printed sources of security field, Internet portals, news agencies and joint editors’ offices. There were more than one million publications devoted to the event issued in printing and internet mass-media.

In order to boost exhibition promotion the organizers have made an information mail-out to the official subscribers of the corporate website - 20 000 addresses, followed by electronic mailing to 4000 enterprises of military industrial complex and postal mailing to 1241relevant companies addresses

The international status of military forum will create unique opportunities for its participants and experts to study the market, to promote modern technologies and services and it will also allow them to find partners and investors helping to discover new prospects for strengthening of cooperation ties. 

It is expected that "ArmHiTec-2018" will boost the promotion of producers of military equipment, arms and ammunition on the internal and external markets and it will contribute to the process of business contacts development between producers and customers.


Press Service «ArmHiTec-2018» 

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