Shvabe holding will take part in the ArmHiTec 2016

shwabe1.jpgThe directorship of Shvabe holding officially confirmed the participation of the Company in the First International Exhibition of Arms and Defence Technologies, ArmHiTec 2016.
A wide range of products manufactured by the enterprises-members of the holding as well as a number of promising projects will be presented within the framework of ArmHiTec 2016.

Optoelectronic devices, optical materials, medical equipment and energy-saving equipment and systems will be demonstrated by Shvabe at the ArmHiTec 2016 exhibition in Yerevan.

ArmHiTec 2016 is also envisaged by Shvabe representatives to be an effective business platform for business meetings, negotiations with existing and potential Russian and foreign partners. It is also probable that First International Exhibition of Arms and Defence Technologies, ArmHiTec 2016, will play a key role in strengthening business contacts, breaking new grounds and taking international cooperation between Shvabe holding and foreign companies to new higher levels in respective crucial current business profiles and geographic market segments. In 2016 Shvabe holding plans to increase export volume of medical equipment, sights, as well as other products and manufacture to India, China and Uganda. The Company also envisages to boost, foster and expand cooperation and business partnership with Korea and Sweden. ArmHiTec 2016 could play a vital role in bolstering, development and diversification of international economic activities of Shvabe holding.

Shvabe holding is part of the Rostec Corporation. The holding comprises major enterprises of the optoelectronic industry sector. The key activity areas of the Company are design and production manufacturing of optical and laser systems, cutting-edge optical materials and solutions, hi-technology medical equipment, Earth satellite and aircraft monitoring and remote sensing systems, scientific research and development devices, energy-saving lighting engineering, nanomechanics and other hi-tech products. The range of products, manufactured by the enterprises-members of Shvabe holding exceeds 6,500 items.

Shvabe possesses unique technologies for the development and production of optical materials, hydro- and acousto-optics, low-temperature optics, high-energy lasers, and the processing of large optics for astronomy.

Shvabe has affiliates, representation offices and member organizations in the Russian regions and abroad (in China, Germany and the Republic of Belarus).


First International Exhibition of Arms and Defence Technologies, ArmHiTec-2016, will be held  from 13 to 15 October 2016 at  the YerevanEXPO Exhibition Complex (city of Yerevan, Republic of Armenia). The exhibition is organized by the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia. ArmHiTec 2016 has been included in the programme of activities and business events of the CSTO Collective Security Council.

First International Exhibition of Arms and Defence Technologies, ArmHiTec 2016, is organised as an integrated complex of exhibition and business events in order to demonstrate to potential customers high-tech, innovative developments and ready solutions in the field of modern weapons, military equipment and technologies, as well as the needs of the Armed Forces in the respective materiel, products and services of general purpose. The exhibition will be held as adjusted combination of the specialised interconnected and interactive programmes including exposition, business, scientific and competition programmes. Exhibition profile embraces the whole range of weapons and military equipment bringing forward and highlighting IT-solutions and technologies as well as precision-guided weapons. The principal thematic areas and major highlights of the exhibition are: combat control systems, communication systems and equipment, automated armed forces control systems, robotic systems, unmanned aviation, unmanned aerial vehicles and systems, unmanned aircraft warfare technologies, search and examination technical means, precision-guided weapons, laser technologies, optical-electronic systems and equipment, means of air defense, systems and equipment of radio reconnaissance, electronic warfare and radio jamming, Future Soldier armament, equipment and  technological solutions.

An interesting and multi-faceted business programme that provides for a unique opportunity to bring up and discuss various issues of military-industrial complex, robotics, laser technologies, radioelectronic and electronic warfare technologies and solutions, communication and navigation, telecommunications, cybersecurity, automated, computerized and unmanned systems and many other aspects.

It is envisaged that major enterprises of the military-industrial complex of Armenia and a large number of other countries will take part in the ArmHiTec 2016 exhibition as exhibitors. They will have a unique opportunity to make business contacts as well as boost and broaden internal and external cooperation ties between designers, manufacturers and suppliers of armament, equipment and security systems.

First International Exhibition of Arms and Defence Technologies, ArmHiTec 2016 is a major and distinguished event in the military and technological fields of the Republic of Armenia.

ArmHiTec 2016 is organised by the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Armenia, Yerevan Plant of Mathematical Machines PLC. (ZAO “YerZMM) and Exhibition Companies Group ‘BIZON’(OVC ‘BIZON’ PLC).

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