The French company demonstrates the Anti-terrorist Robot

The new robot of French engineers can perform spade work during neutralization of terrorists. Models of Nexter Robotics company were presented at the ArmHiTec exhibition in Yerevan.

The robot consists of "body" — the mobile platform with webcams, which can be equipped with various removable "heads", for example, detectors of chemical agents or explosives. When robot wheels are replaced with caterpillars, it can move on a plain surface and on a slope as well or even overcome the stairs, as deputy director of the company, Mr. Joël Morillon, explains.

The robot can be operated from a maximum distance of one kilometer. The operator controls all movements of the robot receiving all necessary information from multiple sensors.

"The main goal is to protect the lives of rescuers or security officers, without sending them to dangerous areas. Let the robot go there and estimate the situation first" — Mr. Morillon noted.

Such devices are used in all anti-terrorist divisions of France.

"It is well-known that we, unfortunately, have problems with terrorist attacks. The robot obtains the capability to successfully fight against them. With a simple change of his camera to a smoke grenade you will be able to turn from a basic investigation mission to a fumigation of the room and neutralization of terrorists" — the French expert has added.


The II International exhibition of arms and defence technologies ArmHiTec-2018 was held in a period from 29 to 31 of March, 2018 on the territory of YerevanExpo center. Apart from the companies from Armenia, over 30 enterprises from 14 states of the world took part in this event.

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