Official greetings 

Distinguished participants and guests of First International Exhibition of Arms and Defense Technologies «ArmHiTec»!

Dear friends!

vigen sargsyan foto.jpgI would like to welcome and congratulate you on the opening of the First International Forum «ArmHiTec» dedicated to homeland security and defense!

Today, we can see that along with universally recognized by world market and combat-approved weapons and military hardware, the innovative solutions gain more and more importance as they provide new ways of achieving military goals.

International Forum «ArmHiTec» aims to become an integrational platform for Armenian and foreign producers and researches of military and defense industry complexes, to define the development vector of key sectors of the field and to provide a new impulse of their progress.

There is no doubt that implementation of International Forum «ArmHiTec» will promote expansion of geography of the international political and economic cooperation and contribute to the process of development of potential of armament industry of the countries presented on the forum.

I am sincerely pleased to welcome all organizers, participants and guests of the First International exhibition of Arms and Defense Technologies "ArmHiTec 2016".

I would like to wish you all successful work and development of cooperation in strengthening of stability and peace in our countries. 

Minister of Defence
Republic of Armenia
V. Sargsyan

Пачханян.pngDear guests and participants of the First International Exhibition of Arms and Defence Technologies ArmHiTec!

At present, in the era of advanced high technologies and the speedy growth of sciencebased and innovation developments the progress in design and manufacture of new types of armaments and equipment is becoming one of the key priorities of the state policy of any sovereign state.

Breakthrough technological solutions in the domain of national defence and security remain a prerogative in pursuing the policy of interstate cooperation, resolving complex and collective tasks of preserving peace and stability as well as countering terrorism and extremism.

In this situation the main emphasis is placed on creating conditions for integration of scientific resources into the defence industry. The extension of  international cooperation in this field is perceived as an inherent part of this progress.

First International Exhibition of Arms and Defence Technologies ArmHiTec-2016 is launched in Armenia in 2016. The exhibition will become an open business platform for the manufacturers of armaments, military and special-purpose systems and equipment as well as for designers of information technologies and integrated defence and security systems.

I have pleasure to invite you to collaboration in implementation of your innovation technical projects within the framework of International Exhibition of Arms and Defence Technologies ArmHiTec-2016.

Let me wish peace and prosperity to our countries and development of strong friendly ties between business and industry.

Mr. David Pakhchanyan
Deputy Minister of Defence of the Republic of Armenia-
Head of Military-Industrial Committee

Тароян.pngDear guests and participants of the First International Exhibition of Arms and Defence Technologies ArmHiTec!

I am glad to welcome you at the ground of Exhibition & Presentation Centre ”Yerevan Expo”, which is one of the key links of the Mergelyan Cluster. hi tech complex.

Beginning our work over new exhibition project in the segment national defence and security we offer on one side prevalent in the world practice form of business communication in the military industrial sphere, and on the other - new formats of publicprivate partnerships.

This is only the first exhibition of arms and defence technologies but it is already significant as more than half of its participants represent the CIS and other foreign countries. A large-scale program of cooperation with the countries of the former Soviet Union and the countries of Europe and America is carried out within the framework of the exhibition. In this sense, the ArmHiTec 2016 Exhibition carries a lot of potential and provides a new opportunity for multilateral cooperation.

International Exhibition of Arms and Defence Technologies ArmHiTec covers the areas of manufacture and IT technologies, demonstrates both ready to implementation and field proven solutions and practices. A crucial component of International Exhibition is its business programme, which includes conferences, seminars, presentations and “round tables” with participation of structural divisions of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia and specialists of profile enterprises and organizations.

I have pleasure to congratulate all of you on the occasion of the opening of the First International Exhibition of Arms and Defence Technologies ArmHiTec 2016 – the biggest event of the defence industry in our country in recent years. I wish the participants and guests of the event fruitful work, success in finding new business partners and in implementation of new ideas for development of your business!

A. Taroian
General Director
of Yerevan Plant of Mathematical
Machines PLC

Маричев.pngDear participants and guests of the First International Exhibition of Arms and Defence Technologies ArmHiTec!

Welcome to the first international defence and security forum to be held in the Republic of Armenia.

Every year we observe the increase of activities of forces that incite interreligious, interethnic and international controversies in different states and regions. In these conditions developing and strengthening partnership in the field of collective response to the external challenges and threats is becoming the defining vector of international political processes.

Traditionally, the political stability of the state is evaluated through the level of defensive capacity of the state and technical equipment of its defence and security forces.

One of the key aspects of the evaluation of the degree of political stability is maintaining of interstate cooperational ties between military-industrial complexes as well as the openness of the state to the re-equipment and upgrading of its armed forces within the framework of bilateral and interstate partnership.

Holding of the First International Exhibition of Arms and Defence Technologies ArmHiTec fully contributes to the implementation of modern tasks and goals in the domain of defence and security that have to be faced nowadays by different states.

I wish the participants and guests of the First International Exhibition of Arms and Defence Technologies ArmHiTec effective work and good results in the establishment and expansion of professional and business ties as well as productive sharing of experience in the field of innovations development in the domain of defence and security of different countries. 

Director General
of ECG OVK Bizon –
CSTO General Operator
of Advertisement and Exhibition Activities
Sergey Marichev